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    Wash Guide & Care

    All of our products come with a care label, where you'll find washing instructions specific to that product.  Following these will ensure the longevity of your clothes, and although it's great to buy a new outfit, we're keen to encourage as much wear as possible before throwing out your used clothes.  When the time does come, we'd love for you to pass them on to a friend, donate them, drop them off at a fabric recycling centre, or why not turn them into a comfy cushion cover for your van?

    Here's a few tips for keeping your clothing going for longer:

    • Wash on a low heat.  Try to use natural detergents (these are less harsh on your skin and the environment) and avoid ones which have sodium laurel sulphate and optical brighteners.  These are often derived from petrochemicals and are then released into the water systems.
    • 'Spot-clean' individual stains on things like robes and jackets, with a damp cloth.
    • Line-dry to reduce environmental impact and also save energy.  Avoiding the tumble-drier will also increase the longevity of your clothes.  Dry out of direct sunlight, and why not opt for wooden pegs rather than plastic ones?
    • Our tees/sweats/hoods prints are all made with a chemical-free, water based print. This will naturally wear-in over time and washes, so we recommend washing inside out.
    • Wash by colour.  Some of our products have been 'garment dyed', which means they have been constructed and then dyed, giving them a nice worn in fade around the seams. This does mean they sometimes shed some colour in the initial washes, so make sure you wash them with other similar colours to avoid any discoloration

    We don't currently offer an in-house repair service, but is something we're hoping to see on the horizon.

    Instead of discarding your worn clothing because of a rip, worn zip or lost button, why not support a local tailor to help fix your garment. Or have a go yourself - there are loads of How To videos out there!

    What is DWR (durable water repellent)?

    DWR is the coating used on our jackets and changing robes.  It provides water-resistant properties and prevents moisture from soaking into the outer fabric.  DWR causes water to 'bead' and roll off the surface of your jacket or robe.  Our DWR is PFC-Free, and we'll explain the importance of this further down.

    With frequent use and washing, this coating will fade and allow the fabric to soak up moisture.  But the good news is it can be replaced, extending the longevity of your garment, but this should only be applied when needed.  You'll know if your product needs a DWR top-up, as water will no longer 'bead'.  Instead, the fabric will soak up the moisture and likely turn a darker shade when wet.

    Products with a DWR coating should only be washed when they really need it to prolong the lifespan, so we recommend 'spot-cleaning' any stains or marks with a damp cloth.

    Why is PFC-free so important?

    PFC stands for polyfluorinated compounds.  These are man-made chemicals, very hazardous, and released during manufacturing as well as during wear of products.  Traces of PFCs have been found in glaciers and can stay in the environment for years, so we're keen to eliminate these in our products.